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Kelsey Hightower—Present

Kelsey shares his origin story, insights on the future of Kubernetes, and advice on making complicated technology easier to understand.

Featured Article

How ‘open’ should your open source be?

Boundaries aren't always intuitive for maintainers, but limiting contributions can be their healthiest option.

Annalu Waller

Champion accessibility to unleash untapped potential

Dr. Annalu Waller on the intricate, interdependent network of support that shapes our lives.

Noah Gift // Pragmatic AI Labs

The case for using Rust in MLOps

Level up your Rust skills and push MLOps forward with GitHub Copilot.

Jerome Hardaway // Microsoft

Junior to senior: An action plan for engineering career success

Enhance your engineering career prospects using this systematic guide for skill development and growth.

The ReadME Project amplifies the voices of the developer community by telling stories about:

Josh Goldberg

Formatters, linters, and compilers: Oh my!

An overview of how those three kinds of static analysis tools work in the JavaScript/TypeScript ecosystem.

Featured Article

Coding accessibility: Disability as catalyst for creativity

Faced with accessibility barriers, developer Paul Chiou turns obstacles into innovative solutions.

Ruth Ikegah

Putting the African open source community on the map

Ruth’s dream is to show people that Africans aren’t just consumers of open source: They’re creators as well.

Anton Mirhorodchenko

Harness the power of generative AI for software development

Tools like GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT can change the way you build software.

Limor Fried // Adafruit Industries

Leading the community of Adafruit

Limor Fried on making firm decisions, weeding out negativity, and building something better, together.

Gio Lodi // Automattic

Accelerate test-driven development with AI

Get faster feedback loops by letting GitHub Copilot augment your TDD workflow.


The open/closed equilibrium

Striking a balance between openness and control in open source projects, preserving the integrity of community insights, and how humor can transform communities.

Featured Article

Open source is fueling the future of nuclear physics

This once secretive scientific field is embracing openness in a big way.

The ReadMe Podcast

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Fusing tech and progress

How open source is powering nuclear fusion research, advise for fortifying your career against change, and practical tips to get going with Git and GitHub.


Innovation without barriers

Reframing disability and accessibility, playing Minecraft with your eyes, and what AI means for the future of accessibility.

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From gaming with your eyes to coding with AI: New frontiers for accessibility

With open source, developers with disabilities can contribute, collaborate, and participate like never before.

Developer Stories

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Rohan Gupta

Invite the critics and keep learning

Rohan, aka Blue Edge, on gaining different perspectives, maintaining a growth mindset, and staying true to yourself.

Santosh Yadav

Out of the slums and into open source

Using software development as a path out of poverty, Santosh knows a little support goes a long way.

Leonardo Javier Russo // MobilityLauncher

Raising the bar for open source standards

Leonardo is working toward a future where everyone can seamlessly participate in open source.

Jana Iris

Building super fans through genuine human connections

Jana’s successful career is driven by her empathy and love for the developer community.


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Dr. Johanna Pirker

Twitch: A game changer for developers

Gaming technologies offer real benefits for virtual spaces.

Niek Palm // Philips

Safer GitHub administration through IssueOps

Use GitHub Actions to promote and demote admins—it’s like sudo for GitHub!

Art Chaidarun // Duolingo

Simplifying developer onboarding with a few clicks

Migrating from a monolithic architecture to a microservices approach required tooling that enabled both flexibility and consistency.

Lisa Vanderschuit // Shopify

Help your team sustain a healthy work-life balance

Finding clarity, focus, and agency in day-to-day work.

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