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directus is sponsoring 2 organizations and maintainers and has sponsored 4 in the past

  • @brianc

    Brian C brianc

    Support brianc’s open source work

    Sponsoring since Mar 9, 2023
  • @aidenfoxx

    Aiden Foxx aidenfoxx

    Sometimes I write code.

    Sponsoring since Sep 23, 2021
  • @shentao

    Damian Dulisz shentao

    I’m Damian and as a Vue core team member I’m running the Vue.js Newsletter, build libraries dedicated to Vue and organise Vue meetups in Poland.

    Sponsored on Jul 15, 2022 Past sponsorship
  • @paescuj

    Pascal Jufer paescuj

    Support my contributions to great open source projects!

    Sponsored on Dec 21, 2022 Past sponsorship
  • @shealavington

    Shea Lavington shealavington

    Developer 👨🏻‍💻 and Self proclaimed tech geek 💻 — Advocate for #OpenSource, @Google & @Directus 🐰

    Sponsored on Jan 18, 2021 Past sponsorship
  • @licitdev

    ian licitdev

    Support licitdev's journey in developing solutions that make a positive impact. 🤓

    Sponsored on Oct 15, 2021 Past sponsorship