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Dmitriy Belyaev dbelyaeff
In web dev since 1999. PHP, Ruby on Rails, Node.JS, a bit Python. Vue.JS, Stylus, Vanilla.JS. Married. Four children.

Russia, Saint-Petersburg

Madalin Ignisca madalinignisca
Cloud Engineer & Full Stack Developer. Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes, JavaScript, PHP, Python and Go. Delivering solutions at scale.

@vlahsh Spain, Mallaga

Hoang Nguyen hng94
#Failure is an option


Ben Bishop beenbiishop

ArtsVision Boston, MA

Alessandro Nizzo anizzo
Aiuto le aziende a connettere sistemi, processi e persone


Elizabeth Kukla kukla1234

Fully Stacked Alexandria, Virginia

Just a programmer


Alexandr Katrazhenko xandrkat
Life is knowledge and experience, This is an endless path of self-improvement and development, Since, the more I know, the more I want to know, The mind lead


Just doing stuff for fun!
Javier Gutierrez JaviKo500
Web Developer


Alex Duval xlanex6
Bullshit FREE // VueJS + Nuxt Fan boy // GraphQL addict // JAMstack evangelist // Outdoor sport player // Less IS more way of life

Bullshit Free Corp. French Alps

Cl4ud10 T4551S claudiotassis
English teacher, Dev. wannabe, Andressa's husband, B3nj4m1n's father, barbecue and beer lover.

Self Employed Vitoria - ES - Brazil

DJun djun
微信公众号(WeChat public platform): 好想学Python

Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Sachin Yadav Sachinx2q
I am a highly motivated software developer with a passion for creating elegant and efficient solutions to complex problems.

Skillsify Mumbai

Durgesh Gupta ilearnbydoing
I am a full stack developer.

WebAnaya Solutions Mumbai, India

Filip Seman xseman
Helping UNIX take over the world.

/home/filip Bratislava, Slovakia

Brad Morrissey BradMorrissey

@BradleyServicesUK London, United Kingdom

Hoang Tran trbhoang
Fullstack developer

Ho Chi Minh City

Elkin A. Cano Mogollon canomogollon
WebDeveloper in Update and Migrate to new TECH


Kaustubh kaustubhn
Engineering at @thinkitivetech ! All about Technology, Execution & Products in Healthcare!

@thinkitivetech Pune, India

Kevin Lewis phazonoverload
Runs Developer Relations at @directus. Director, You Got This Events. Community Lead, Event Handler.

Directus Berlin

Corentin PERROUX Corentin7301
JAMstack 🚀 VueJS + Nuxt 🔥 🙏🏼 GraphQL APIs 🤯


GITSRC gitsrc
Cloud Native|Blockchain|Security Practitioner, IPFS/Filecoin/FVM/Nervos Ecological Contributor, Web3.0 Ecological Research and Builder,Founder of @IceFireLabs

@IceFireDB @FlowShield @IceFireLabs @IceGiant-Project Decentralized

박수현 xharpenParksuhyeon