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The New

This repository contains the source code for the ESLint website (

Developer Setup

In order to run the website, you must have Node.js installed.

  1. Create a fork of the repository
  2. Run npm install
  3. Run npm run install:playground

To start a local copy of the website, run:

npm start

To start a local copy of a foreign language website, specify the ESLINT_SITE_NAME environment variable equal to the name of the site, such as:

ESLINT_SITE_NAME=es npm start


If you'd like to add a new translation of this website, please open an issue first.

In order to create a new translation:

  1. Copy the src/_data/sites/en.yml file to a new site file in the same directory. The filename should be the language code of the language you want to translate into. For example, if you want to translate into Spanish, you should create the file src/_data/sites/es.yml because "es" in the Spanish language code.
  2. Translate the text in the new site file to your chosen language.
  3. Test it locally to ensure that it works properly using the instructions in the previous section.
  4. Submit your pull request

The ESLint team will create a new domain name, set up analytics and ads, and otherwise prepare the website for deployment.


Apache 2.0