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Issues: directus/v8-archive

API Functional Tests
#1099 opened Jul 9, 2019 by benhaynes
Open 16
Permissions: Dynamic Rules
#511 by benhaynes was closed May 20, 2019
Closed 17
Add /export and /import endpoints
#31 by rijkvanzanten was closed May 20, 2019
Closed 55
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Issues list

Export collection
#2472 opened Jan 24, 2022 by Faares
JWT Mode not working
#2462 opened Sep 28, 2021 by NilsBaumgartner1994
Publish changes for release 8.8.2
#2451 opened Jul 26, 2021 by herrfinke
MySQL JSON data type support
#2449 opened Jul 18, 2021 by binaryfire
Vue errors
#2398 opened Feb 17, 2021 by vladaman
Is there a plan to support PHP 8?
#2392 opened Feb 7, 2021 by vladaman
Make sure to define driver error
#2387 opened Jan 19, 2021 by 7aklhz
Where is the field Relation property set ? needs more info Further Information Needed question Further information is requested
#2385 opened Jan 11, 2021 by besucher80
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