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  • 94M+ Developers
  • 90% Fortune 100
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Businesses that utilize GitHub Enterprise:

GitHub Enterprise provides an end-to-end developer platform to accelerate businesses.

GitHub Enterprise

Duolingo empowers its engineers to be force multipliers for expertise with GitHub Copilot, Codespaces.

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  • 25% increase in developer speed with GitHub Copilot
  • 1m set-up time for largest repo with Codespaces
  • 67% decrease in median code review turnaround time
  • 70% increase in pull requests

Inconsistent standards and workflows limited developer mobility and efficiency, limiting Duolingo’s ability to expand its content and deliver on its core mission.


GitHub Copilot, Codespaces, and custom API integrations enforce code consistency, accelerate developer speed, and remove the barriers to using engineering as a force multiplier for expertise.


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Here's what software leaders have to say about GitHub Testimonials from our developers.

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  • Profile picture of Joyce_Headshot
    With GitHub Advanced Security, we now surface security issues much sooner—before they're pushed.

    Joyce Wang

    Director, Software Engineering @ LinkedIn

  • Profile picture of Tina Beamer_Headshot
    With GitHub, we can collaborate better across our various environments. It's made us twice as productive.

    Tina Beamer

    IT Manager of Operations & Quality @ 3M

  • Profile picture of Dominik_Headshot
    GitHub is a critical service for developers—our community relies on it.

    Dominik Kundel

    Principal Product Manager—Developer Experience @ Twilio

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